An education on Earth Day

The History of Earth Day

Before I started covering environmental issues as a reporter for The Cat Scan, I never gave Earth Day a second thought. This year I will. This is a day when we can celebrate and participate in green initiatives, but also reflect on the work that still needs to be done to sustain our environment and our planet.

What is Earth Day?

(left to right): Gaylord Nelson, John Reynolds, Tommy Thompson, Anthony Earl, Patrick Lucey, Lee Dreyfus, Warren Knowles, Martin Schreiber.

(left to right): Gaylord Nelson, John Reynolds, Tommy Thompson, Anthony Earl, Patrick Lucey, Lee Dreyfus, Warren Knowles, Martin Schreiber. Photo by Marquette University

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica online, Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator from 1963- 1981, is responsible for the creation of Earth Day. The day was first celebrated April 22, 1970, to focus attention on the importance of protecting and sustaining the planet’s natural resources. The senator was very interested in preserving the earth and its natural resources. Toward this effort he sponsored many bills, including the Wilderness Act, of 1964.

Not Just Another Day on the Calendar

Although Nelson died in 2005, his legacy remains. It is now more important than ever to consider the state of our choking planet. More people are born every day, more animal populations are dwindling, and more natural resources are depleting. None of us can fix all of the environmental issues on our own, but we can all take time to think about our environment and the impact we have on it during our daily lives.

Local Earth Day Events April 22, 2009 earth-day

Solar Power 101 will feature U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., in a Community Educational Series.

The University of Arizona will also put on and participate in many events to mark the day.


One Response to “An education on Earth Day”

  1. cathy Helgerson Says:

    We have treated our planet horribly because most people are to busy to care.
    Our young people need to be made aware of the coming events that will kill our planet. The planet has been over mined and the rock limestone for cement or the oil drilling for oil and many more things that have posed great pain to mother earth will continue unless the human race wakes up. I need to ask the question why do we need to deplete the planet of it’s natural resources we could do with a lot less. Mother earth and her children the trees that are emitting more pollen in order to displace the pollution from there bodies are crying out to us. What other way can the planet fight back but by earth quakes and other disasters we need to stop this foolish downplaying of the truth. Global warming is just one way the planet will die from our stupid foolishness we are like children who are soiled given to much and then have no consideration for the planet our parent.
    I can only hope it is not to late but I fear it is
    Cathy Helgerson
    CAP – Citizens Against Pollution
    Cupertino, Ca.

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