It’s scary to imagine all the destruction we have caused to our planet.¬† Since humans began walking upright, we have been slowly plowing down everything in our path, in order to survive. Perhaps that seems a bit dramatic, but it’s true. There is serious damage being done to our planet and much of it may be irreversible. But that doesn’t mean we can’t change things. And awareness is the first step.

This blog is dedicated to revealing the ways in which we are currently causing destruction world-wide. Be it an industry or a single person, we plan to expose different stories about the environment and perhaps it will inspire our readers to think carefully about thier own ‘carbon footprint’ and the things we can change.

Who we are: we are several¬† journalism students at the University of Arizona. We are also contributors to http://www.thecatscan.com, an eco-report based in the Southwest. This blog is inspired in part, by Alan Weisman’s book, A World Without Us, in which he describes at length what would happen to our planet once humans disappear. Part of his research for the book includes a study of the different industries that are currently doing harm to our planet and destroying ecosystems. It’s a fascinating study and we highly recommend you pick it up.



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